Stage Test Max

Deadline: 19th May 2020

Winners not yet announced. Check back soon

Stage Test Max

Testing the challenge

Judging Criteria



Terms and Conditions

  • Creating in Sinespace is free. No purchase is necessary.
  • By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
  • Individual or teams can participate. For teams, the reward will go to the user who has entered the contest on behalf of the group. How you split is entirely up to you, and we don't take any responsibility for it.
  • The competition is held by Sine Wave Entertainment Ltd, a UK registered company
  • We may elect to extend the deadline at our discretion by up to one month.
  • The challenge is open to any registered developer, aged 18 or older (or 16+ with the permission of a parent/guardian)
  • Items must be PG
  • Items must be substantially your own work. Use of asset store items is permissible. Please indicate which components came from the store when you submit your item.
  • Simplistic entries of basic, or unoriginal content will not qualify for the complimentary subscription reward.
  • Top 10 submissions will be featured in the Sinespace shop under the creator's name, and creators retain the right to earn any revenue generated by these items.
  • Each item, region or game is only eligible for one prize. If an Item wins multiple prizes it will receive the highest amount